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Packaging for radiation resistant X-ray detectors
Lohse, T.; Oppermann, M.; Metasch, R.; Zerna, T.; Seilmayer, M.; Wolter, K.-J.;
Today non-destructive evaluation techniques become more and more important. Consequently, X-ray detectors are suitable tools to get information about specimens. In comparison to the already established scintillation principle, the direct converting method on the basis of semiconductor materials delivers several advantages. Hence, it is necessary to speed this measurement method and develop appropriate packages for these assemblies. In this paper the method of direct converting X-ray line detectors as well as their packaging and relevant aspects are introduced.
Keywords: X-ray detection electronics packaging silicon radiation detectors measurement method nondestructive evaluation techniques radiation resistant X-ray detectors scintillation principle semiconductor materials Absorption Anodes Detectors Integrated circuits Materials Packaging X-ray detectors
  • Contribution to proceedings
    33rd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE 2010), 12.-16.05.2010, Odrębna 4 04-867 Warsaw, Poland
    33rd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE 2010): Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 9781424478491, 138-142

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