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Slow positron implantation spectroscopy of high current ion nitrided austenitic stainless steel
Anwand, W.; Parascandola, S.; Richter, E.; Brauer, G.; Coleman, P. G.; Möller, W.;
Surface modification of austenitic stainless steel by high current ion nitriding at 400°C has been studied by Slow Positron Implantation Spectroscopy (SPIS). In addition, Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA) has been applied to obtain information about the nitrogen depth profile. The results obtained from both methods are compared and discussed with respect to the nature of defects produced by high current ion nitriding and their influence on the formation of a surface layer, called expanded austenite.
  • Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 136-138 (1998) 768-772

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