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Validation of high-resolution gamma-ray computed tomography for quantitative gas holdup measurements in centrifugal pumps

Bieberle, A.; Schäfer, T.; Neumann, M.; Hampel, U.

In this paper, the capability of high-resolution gamma-ray computed tomography (HireCT) for quantitative gas-liquid phase distribution measurements in fluid machines is experimentally investigated. The object of interest thereby is an industrial centrifugal pump, which operates under two-phase flow conditions. The HireCT-System comprises a collimated 137Cs isotopic source, a radiation detector arc with a multi-channel signal processing unit, and a rotary unit enabling CT scans of objects with diameters of up to 700 mm. The accuracy of gas holdup measurement was validated on a sophisticated modular test mockup replicating defined gas-liquid distributions, which are expectable in impeller chambers of industrial centrifugal pumps under two-phase operation. Stationary as well as rotation-synchronized CT scanning techniques have been analyzed, which are both used to obtain sharply resolved gas phase distributions in rotating structures as well as non-rotating zones. A measuring accuracy of better than 1% for various distributed static gas holdups in the rotating frame has been verified with the modular test mockup using HireCT.

Keywords: Two-phase flow; gamma-ray computed tomography; gas holdup and centrifugal pump

Publ.-Id: 21916