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Atomic transport during solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization of amorphous germanium
Radek, M.; Bracht, H.; Mccallum, J. C.; Johnson, B. C.; Posselt, M.; Liedke, B.;
The atomic mixing of matrix atoms during solid-phase-epitaxy (SPE) is studied by means of isotopically enriched germanium (Ge) multilayer structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy on natural Ge wafers. The entire isotope structure and parts of the natural Ge wafer were preamorphized by Ge implantation. Recrystallization of the amorphous Ge layer is performed at temperatures between 350 ˚C and 450 ˚C. The position of the amorphous/crystalline (a/c) interface was monitored during SPE regrowth using a time-resolved-reflectivity (TRR) system. The SPE process was stopped before the a/c interface reached the surface, i.e, before the recrystallization of the amorphous layer was completed. Secondary-ion-mass-spectrometry (SIMS) was applied to determine the self-atom distribution within the amorphous and recrystallized part of each sample. An upper limit of 0.5 nm is determined for the displacement length of the matrix atoms. This small displacement length is consistent with theoretical models and atomistic simulations of SPE predicting that bond-switching with nearest-neighbours across the a/c interface controls the SPE regrowth.
Keywords: Germanium, Solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization, atomic transport, isotope multilayers
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    28th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS 2015), 27.-31.07.2015, Espoo, Finland

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