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Tunneling breakdown of a strongly correlated insulating state in VO2 induced by intense multiterahertz excitation
Mayer, B.; Schmidt, C.; Grupp, A.; Bühler, J.; Oelmann, J.; Marvel, R. E.; Haglund, R. F.; Oka, T.; Brida, D.; Leitenstorfer, A.; Pashkin, A.;
We directly trace the near- and midinfrared transmission change of a VO2 thin film during an ultrafast insulator-to-metal transition triggered by high-field multiterahertz transients. Nonthermal switching into a metastable metallic state is governed solely by the amplitude of the applied terahertz field. In contrast to resonant excitation below the threshold fluence, no signatures of excitonic self-trapping are observed. Our findings are consistent with the generation of spatially separated charge pairs and a cooperative transition into a delocalized metallic state by THz field-induced tunneling. The tunneling process is a condensed-matter analog of the Schwinger effect in nonlinear quantum electrodynamics. We find good agreement with the pair production formula by replacing the Compton wavelength with an electronic correlation length of 2.1 A° .

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