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Contactless Inductive Bubble Detection in a Liquid Metal Flow
Gundrum, T.; Büttner, P.; Dekdouk, B.; Peyton, A.; Wondrak, T.; Galindo, V.; Eckert, S.;
The detection of bubbles in liquid metals is important for many technical applications.
The opaqueness and the high temperature of liquid metals set high demands on the measurement system. The high electrical conductivity of the liquid metal can be exploited for contactless methods based on electromagnetic induction. We will present a measurement system which consists of one excitation coil and a pickup coil system on the opposite sides of the pipe. With this sensor we were able to detect bubbles in a sodium flow inside a stainless steel pipe and bubbles in a column filled with a liquid Gallium alloy.
Keywords: contactless inductive measurements; two phase flow; liquid metal; bubble detection; void fraction


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