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Hydrodynamics and transport processes in structured reactor devices: Project status report april 2015
Zalucky, J.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.;
On the occasion of half-annual project status report, work package progress is presented. The first part covers the regime transition measurement and modelling for the co-current downflow in SiSiC solid foam packed trickle-bed reactor. The second part summarizes the results found by investigating the time-dependent liquid gas distribution using ultrafast X-ray computed tomography in the same reactor system.
Keywords: regime transition measurement; regime transition modelling; SiSiC solid foam hydrodynamcs; ultrafast X-ray computed tomography
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    Helmholtz-Energie-Allianz EECMP: Half-annular project meeting, 13.-14.04.2015, Fürth, Deutschland

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