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Strange meson production in Al+Al collisions at 1.9 A GeV
Gasik, P.; Piasecki, K.; Herrmann, N.; Leifels, Y.; Matulewicz, T.; Andronic, A.; Averbeck, R.; Barret, V.; Basrak, Z.; Bastid, N.; Benabderrahmane, M. L.; Berger, M.; Buehler, P.; Cargnelli, M.; Caplar, R.; Crochet, P.; Czerwiakowa, O.; Deppner, I.; Dupieux, P.; Dzelalija, M.; Fabbietti, L.; Fodor, Z.; Gasparic, I.; Grishkin, Y.; Hartmann, O. N.; Hildenbrand, K. D.; Hong, B.; Kang, T. I.; Kecskemeti, J.; Kim, Y. J.; Kirejczyk, M.; Kis, M.; Koczon, P.; Kotte, R.; Lebedev, A.; Le Fevre, A.; Liu, J. L.; Lopez, X.; Manko, V.; Marton, J.; Münzer, R.; Petrovici, M.; Rami, F.; Reischl, A.; Reisdorf, W.; Ryu, M. S.; Schmidt, P.; Schüttauf, A.; Seres, Z.; Sikora, B.; Sim, K. S.; Simion, V.; Siwek-Wilczynska, K.; Smolyankin, V.; Suzuki, K.; Tyminski, Z.; Wagner, P.; Weber, I.; Widmann, E.; Wisniewski, K.; Xiao, Z. G.; Yushmanov, I.; Zhang, Y.; Zhilin, A.; Zinyuk, V.; Zmeskal, J.;
The production of K+, K- and φ(1020) mesons are studied in Al+Al collisions at beam energy of 1.9A GeV which is close or below the production threshold in NN reactions. Inverse slopes, anisotropy parameters, and total emission yields of K± mesons are obtained. A comparison of the ratio of kinetic energy distributions of K- and K+ mesons to transport model calculations (IQMD and HSD) suggests that the inclusion of in-medium modifications of kaon properties is necessary to reproduce the ratio. The inverse slope and total yield of φ mesons are deduced. The contribution to K- production from φ meson decays is found to be 17 ± 3%. The results are in line with previous K± and φ data obtained for different colliding systems at similar incident beam energies.


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