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Optical waveguides in Yb:SBN crystals fabricated by swift C ion irradiation
Liu, G.; Dong, N.; Wang, J.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Zhou, S.; Chen, F.;
We report on the fabrication of optical planar waveguides supporting both the TE and TM confinements in Yb:SBN crystal by swift C ions irradiation. A combination of the micro-photoluminescence and micro-Raman investigations have evidenced the presence of lattice distortion, damage and disordering of the SBN network along the ion irradiation path, with these effects being at the basis of the refractive index modification. The enhanced micro-photoluminescence and micro-Raman intensity in the waveguide volumes show the potential application of the obtained waveguides as active laser gain media.
Keywords: Optical waveguides; Yb:SBN crystal; Ion implantation; Confocal photoluminescence

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