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The effect of pulsed electrical currents on the formation of macrosegregation in solidifying Al - Si hypoeutectic phases
Zhang, Y.; Räbiger, D.; Willers, B.; Eckert, S.;
Within this study we conducted experimental investigations focusing on the formation of macrosegregation in Al-7wt-%Si alloys exposed to electric current pulses (ECP) during solidification. The distribution of eutectic phase was measured on various sections of the solidified samples. The results do not show the formation of reproducible segregation pattern. This finding can be attributed to the specific pattern and the turbulent character of the flow generated by the ECP treatment, the equiaxed growth of free-moving crystals and a non-symmetric distribution of the electromagnetic force due to an uneven wetting of the electrodes. An increasing input of energy by ECP intensifies the melt flow and increases the variations of phase distribution over a longitudinal section.
Keywords: Al - Si alloys; solidification; electric current pulse; macrosegregation; melt convection.


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