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Scalar fields in a non-commutative space
Bietenholz, W.; Hofheinz, F.; Mejía-Díaz, H.; Panero, M.;
We discuss the lambda phi(4) model in 2- and 3-dimensional non-commutative spaces. The mapping onto a Hermitian matrix model enables its non-perturbative investigation by Monte Carlo simulations. The numerical results reveal a phase where stripe patterns dominate. In d = 3 we show that in this phase the dispersion relation is deformed in the IR regime, in agreement with the property of UV/IR mixing. This "striped phase" also occurs in d = 2. For both dimensions we provide evidence that it persists in the simultaneous limit to the continuum and to infinite volume ("Double Scaling Limit"). This implies the spontaneous breaking of translation symmetry.
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    XIV Mexican Workshop on Particles and Fields, 24.-29.11.2013, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Journal of Physics Conference Series, Vol. 651, UNSP 01200
    DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/651/1/012003

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