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Multiphase flow imaging: Techniques and Applications
Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.;
Multiphase flows are omnipresent in many industrial sectors and engineering disciplines, such as petroleum and chemical engineering, nuclear engineering and thermal hydraulics, and fluid me-chanics and multiphase CFD.
Multiphase flows of gases, liquids, and/or solids are often highly dynamic and fully opaque, housed in pressurized and large vessels and thus, are hardly accessible with today’s commercial diagnostic tools and standard instrumentation. In turn, improvements in process efficiency, sustainability and safety depend on detailed insights – often at CFD-grade – at different scales.
The seminar will give an overview about recent developments in advanced multiphase flow sensors and imaging techniques for in-detail flow analyses, with a focus on measurement with high resolu-tion in space and/or time. Recently pioneered imaging techniques are the wire-mesh sensor, ultrafast X-ray tomography and high-resolution gamma-ray tomography.
In particular, the underlying principles of the techniques will be shown together with a variety of application examples, such as sand erosion in pipe flow, gas entrainment in centrifugal pumps and dispersive gas-liquid mixing in static mixers.
Keywords: imaging techniques, tomography, wire-mesh sensor, applications
  • Lecture (others)
    SABIC Process Seminar, 05.10.2015, Geleen, Niederlande

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