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Pair production by Schwinger and Breit-Wheeler processes in bi-frequent fields
Otto, A.; Nousch, T.; Seipt, D.; Kämpfer, B.; Blaschke, D.; Panferov, A. D.; Smolyansky, S. A.; Titov, A. I.;
Counter-propagating and suitably polarized light (laser) beams can provide conditions for pair production. Here, we consider in more detail the following two situations: (i) In the homogeneity regions of anti-nodes of linearly polarized ultra-high intensity laser beams, the Schwinger process is dynamically assisted by a second high-frequency field, e.g. by a XFEL beam. (ii) A high-energy probe photon beam colliding with a superposition of co-propagating intense laser and XFEL beams gives rise to the laser assisted Breit-Wheeler process. Prospects of such bi-frequent field constellations with respect to the feasibility of conversion of light into matter are discussed.

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