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Influence of microstructure and mechanical stress on behavior of hydrogen in 500 nm Pd films
Vlcek, M.; Lukác, F.; Vlach, M.; Wagner, S.; Uchida, H.; Baehtz, C.; Shalimov, A.; Pundt, A.; Cízek, J.;
Pd films can be used as a model system to examine the influence of microstructure and stress on the hydrogen absorption. In this work we study 500 nm Pd films deposited on different substrates with different binding strengths. The films were electrochemically loaded with hydrogen up to hydride concentration. Development of lattice constant during hydrogen loading of Pd films was investigated by in situ X-ray diffraction using synchrotron radiation. The influence of microstructure and mechanical stress in the films on the phase transition from Pd to Pd hydride was examined.
Keywords: Hydrogen Palladium Thin films

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