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Editorial for special issue on process tomography in flow measurement and instrumentation
Hampel, U.;
Analysis and control of industrial processes is inseparably interlinked with appropriate process measurement techniques. Among such distributed sensing, imaging and tomography are emerging technologies, which gain more and more attention, as they have the capability to measure field quantities. Research and application in the field of process tomography is continuously intense and recently many innovative concepts and ideas have been born and demonstrated. Exchange of knowledge within the process tomography community and transfer of knowledge to research and industry are supported by the International Society for Industrial Process Tomography on the basis of regular expert meetings. This special issue is a compilation of the 21 most important contributions from the 7th International Symposium on Industrial Process Tomography ISPT7, held in Dresden, Germany, Sept. 1-4, 2015. It covers a broad range of process tomography technologies but also a broad range of technology readiness levels from very fundamental aspects, such as raw data processing or new methods of analysis of tomographic images, new modalities, such as microwave tomography, up to important industrial applications, such as cyclone separators, bubble column reactors and waste water abatement.
Keywords: process tomography, flow measurement


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