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Instabilities and spin-up behaviour of a rotating magnetic field driven flow in a rectangular cavity
Galindo, V.ORC; Nauber, R.ORC; Räbiger, D.; Franke, S.; Beyer, H.; Büttner, L.; Czarske, J.; Eckert, S.
This study presents numerical simulations and experiments considering the flow of an electrically conducting fluid inside a cube driven by a rotating magnetic field (RMF). The investigations are focused on the spin-up, where a liquid metal (GaInSn) is suddenly exposed to an azimuthal body force generated by the RMF, and the subsequent flow development. The numerical simulations rely on a semi-analytical expression for the induced electromagnetic force density in an electrically conducting medium. Velocity distributions in two perpendicular planes are measured using a novel dual-plane, two-component ultrasound array Doppler velocimeter (UADV) with continuous data streaming, enabling long term measurements for investigating transient flows. This approach allows to identify the main emerging flow modes during the spontaneous transition from a stable flow to unstable flow regimes with exponentially growing velocity oscillations using the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) method.
Characteristic frequencies in the oscillating flow regimes are determined in the super critical range above the critical magnet Taylor number Ta_c=1.3x10^5 , where the transition from the steady double vortex structure of the secondary flow to an unstable regime with exponentially growing oscillations is detected.
The mean flow structures and the temporal evolution of the flow predicted by the numerical simulations and observed in experiments are in very good agreement.
Keywords: Rotating magnetic field, spin-up, flow instabilities, square container


Publ.-Id: 24492