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Symmetry-Breaking Supercollisions in Landau-Quantized Graphene
Wendler, F.; Mittendorff, M.; König-Otto, J. C.; Brem, S.; Berger, C.; de Heer, W. A.; Böttger, R.; Schneider, H.; Helm, M.; Winnerl, S.; Malic, E.;
Recent pump-probe experiments performed on graphene in a perpendicular magnetic field have revealed carrier relaxation times ranging from picoseconds to nanoseconds depending on the quality of the sample. To explain this surprising behavior, we propose a novel symmetry-breaking defect-assisted relaxation channel. This enables scattering of electrons with single out-of-plane phonons, which drastically accelerate the carrier scattering time in low-quality samples. The gained insights provide a strategy for tuning the carrier relaxation time in graphene and related materials by orders of magnitude.
Keywords: Carrier dynamics, graphene, Landau quantization, supercollisions


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