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Surprising Coulomb-scattering effects in graphene revealed by polarization-resolved THz spectroscopy
Winnerl, S.; König-Otto, J. C.; Mittendorff, M.; Pashkin, A.; Schneider, H.; Helm, M.; Winzer, T.; Wendler, F.; Malic, E.; Knorr, A.;
We present experiments complemented by microscopic theory that highlight surprising Coulomb scattering effects. In particular, we find that non-collinear Coulomb scattering is compa-rably slow, namely on a scale of few ps. For the case of Landau-quantized graphene we find evidence for strong Auger scattering that can deplete a Landau level that is optically pumped at the same time. Both Coulomb effects are relevant for graphene based THz devices.
Keywords: graphene, carrier dynamcis, Coulomb scattering, Auger scattering, Landau quantization
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    5th EOS Topical Meeting on Terahertz Science & Technology, 08.-11.05.2016, Pecs, Hungary

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