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A Comparative Study on Electrical Characteristics of Crystalline AlN Thin Films Deposited by ICP and HCPA-Sourced Atomic Layer Deposition
Altuntas, H.; Bayrak, T.;
In this work, we aimed to investigate the effects of two different plasma sources on the electrical properties of low-temperature plasma-assisted atomic layer deposited (PA-ALD) AlN thin films. To compare the electrical properties, 50 nm thick AlN films were grown on p-type Si substrates at 200 °C by using an inductively coupled RF-plasma (ICP) and a stainless steel hollow cathode plasma-assisted (HCPA) ALD systems. Al/AlN/p-Si metal-insulatorsemiconductor (MIS) capacitor devices were fabricated and capacitance versus voltage (C-V) and current-voltage (I-V) measurements performed to assess the basic important electrical parameters such as dielectric constant, effective charge density, flat-band voltage, breakdown field, and threshold voltage. In addition, structural properties of the films were presented and compared. The results show that although HCPA-ALD deposited AlN thin films has structurally better and has a lower effective charge density (Neff) value than ICP-ALD deposited AlN films, those films have large leakage current, low dielectric constant, and low breakdown field. This situation was attributed to the involvement of Si atoms into the AlN layers during the HCPA-ALD processing leads to additional current path at AlN/Si interface and might impair the electrical properties.
Keywords: aluminum nitride, effective charge density, atomic layer deposition (ALD), hollow-cathode plasma, inductively coupled RF-plasma, dielectric


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