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The Clinical Target Volume in Lung, Head-and-neck, and Esophageal Cancer: Lessons from Pathological Measurement and Recurrence Analysis
Apolle, R.ORC; Rehm, M.; Bortfeld, T.; Baumann, M.; Troost, E.
Radiotherapy research has achieved remarkable progress in target volume definition. Advances in medical imaging facilitate more precise localization of the gross tumor volume, alongside a more detailed understanding of the geometric uncertainties associated with treatment delivery that has enabled robust safety margins to be customized to the specific treatment scenario at hand. By contrast, the clinical target volume, meant to encompass gross tumor, as well as, adjacent sub-clinical disease, has evolved very little. It is more often defined by clinician experience and institutional convention than on a patient-specific basis. This disparity arises from the inherent invisibility of sub-clinical disease in current medical imaging. Its incidence and expanse can only be ascertained via indirect means. This article reviews two such strategies: histopathological measurements on resection specimen and analyses of locoregional recurrences after radiotherapy.
Keywords: microscopic tumor extension, clinical target volume, adaptive radiotherapy, particle beam irradiation

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