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Nucleate Boiling on Vertical Heater Wall : Role of Heater Surface Properties
Sarker, D.; Franz, R.; Ding, W.; Hampel, U.;
Nucleate Boiling is an efficient mode of heat transfer for different engineering applications.In real applications, heat transfer surfaces are always rough in different scale. The effects of surface roughness on single bubble dynamics; namely bubble growth and sliding has not been thoroughly investigated. Surface roughness noticeably affects bubble growth process with the interaction of bubble base or microlayer. In the current study, single bubble growth and sliding for different roughness are investigated and the high resolution imaging techniques are used. Experimental results show that intermediate roughness (Rq=90nm) enhances bubble growth process compare to Rq=4.48 nm and Rq=410 nm. As well as heat transfer to the bubble through microlayer is also noticeably higher for intermediate roughness.
Keywords: vertical heater; high speed video camera; roughness height; microlayer
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    Kompetenzzentrum Ost für Kerntechnik, 08.12.2016, HZDR, Deutschland

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