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Counter-current flow limitation for air-water and steam-water flows in a PWR-relevant geometry

Lucas, D.; Beyer, M.; Pietruske, H.; Szalinski, L.

Steady state counter-current flow limitation (CCFL) experiments were conducted in a 1:3 scaled flat model of the hot leg and part of the steam generator inlet chamber of a German Konvoi pressurized water reactor. The experiments include air-water tests at 1 and 2 bar as well as steam-water tests at 10, 25 and 50 bar. Flooding characteristics are obtained in dependency on the dimensionless gas and liquid flow rates (Wallis-parameter). They should a slight, but clear dependency on pressure – with increasing pressure more liquid can flow in counter-current to the gas in case of partial CCFL. Also the dimensionless gas flow rate for zero penetration slightly increases with pressure. Beside the flooding characteristics also slug frequencies were analyses basing on pressure measurements along the horizontal part of the test section. Finally, comprehensive video material was obtained which is suited for extracting quantitative data on the local flow structure. This can contribute to the further CFD-code development and validation.

Keywords: two-phase flow; counter-current flow limitation; flooding; experiment; PWR hot leg


Publ.-Id: 25404