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Experimental investigation of pilot scale bubble column reactor with various internals using fine wire-mesh sensors

Lavetty, C.
In this master thesis the hydrodynmamic behavior of a bubble column reactor with various dense heat exchanging tube patterns and tube sizes has been investigated using fine wire-mesh sensors. With the special design of the wire-mesh sensors it was possible to manufacture one set of sensors while using different inlets to mimic the specific tube pattern. A three level wire-mesh sensor with a 64x64x64 grid was used in order to asses the local and global hydrodynamics, such as, bubbles size distribution, gas velocity profile, phase holdup and its distribution. For the first time, with this technique it is possible to gain insights in the flow behaviour within complex geometries, e.g. sub-channels of the tube bundle. Therfore, regime maps were generated covering all hydrodynamic flow regimes, namely, bubbly, transition and churn-turbulent flow regime. Du to the insertion of the tube bundle within the reactor, the radial holdup profile changes drastically compared to the empty counterpart. It reveals zones of liquid up flow within the sub-channel and liquid downflow within the viscinity of the tube due to additional wall brought into the system. Furthermore, a correlation has been developed in order to describe the overall holdup in dependence on tube size and pattern for the current investigations as well as for past investigations.
  • Master thesis
    University of Edinbourgh, 2018
    Mentor: Möller, Felix
    108 Seiten

Publ.-Id: 25878