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On the influence of microstructure on fracture behaviour of hot extruded ferritic ODS steels
Das, A.; Viehrig, H. W.; Altstadt, E.; Heintze, C.; Hoffmann, J.;
ODS steels are known to show inferior fracture properties as compared to ferritic martensitic non-ODS steels. Hot extruded 13Cr ODS steel however, showed excellent fracture toughness at a temperature range from room temperature to 400 ˚C. In this work, the factors which resulted in superior and anisotropic fracture behaviour were investigated by comparing different orientations of two hot extruded materials using scanning electron, electron backscatter and transmission electron microscopy. Fracture behaviour of the two materials was compared using unloading compliance fracture toughness tests. Anisotropic fracture toughness was predominantly influenced by grain morphology. Superior fracture toughness in 13Cr ODS-KIT was predominantly influenced by factors such as smaller void inducing particle size and higher sub-micron particle-matrix interfacial strength.
Keywords: ODS-steel, fracture behaviour, fracture toughness, anisotropy, bimodal microstructure, fractography, ductile fracture, void growth and coalescence, critical fracture strain, ductility, void inducing particles


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