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Surface modifications of crystal-ion-sliced LiNbO3 thin films by low energy ion irradiations
Bai, X.; Shuai, Y.; Gong, C.; Wu, C.; Luo, W.; Böttger, R.; Zhou, S.; Zhang, W.;
Single crystalline 128°Y-cut LiNbO3 thin films with a thickness of 670 nm are fabricated onto Si substrates by means of crystal ion slicing (CIS) technique, adhesive wafer bonding using BCB as the medium layer to alleviate the large thermal coefficient mismatch between LiNbO3 and Si, and the X-ray diffraction pattern indicates the exfoliated thin films have good crystalline quality. The LiNbO3 thin films are modified by low energy Ar+ irradiation, and the surface roughness of the films is decreased from 8.7 nm to 3.4 nm. The sputtering of the Ar+ irradiation is studied by scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and the results show that an amorphous layer exists at the surface of the exfoliated film, which can be quickly removed by Ar+ irradiation. A two-stage etching mechanism by Ar+ irradiation is demonstrated, which not only establishes a new non-contact surface polishing method for the CIS-fabricated single crystalline thin films, but also is potentially useful to remove the residue damage layer produced during the CIS process.
Keywords: 128°Y-cut LiNbO3; Single crystalline thin films; Crystal ion slicing; BCB bonding; Ar+ irradiation

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