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The Natural Neutron Background Underground: Measurement Using Moderated ³He Counters in Felsenkeller
Grieger, M.;
A FLUKA simulation has been made to analyse the propagation of neutrons from the future Felsenkeller accelerator throughout the tunnel system of Felsenkeller. A neutron flux measurement with detectors loaned by the BELEN-collaboration has been performed to put the accelerator induced neutron flux into perspective with the natural neutron background. To deduce the neutron flux from the counting rates, FLUKA has been used to simulate the detector responses. The three measured locations in the existing γ-measurement facility in tunnel IV show different traits in their neutron spectra. Their cause has been analysed and the results had an impact on the construction planning of the new Felsenkeller laboratory in tunnels VIII and IX.
  • Poster
    Felsenkeller Workshop, 26.-28.06.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Poster
    NDRA 2016, 29.06.-02.07.2016, Riva del Garda, Italia
  • Lecture (Conference)
    DPG Frühjahrstagung, 14.-18.03.2016, Darmstadt, Deutschland
  • Master thesis
    TU Dresden, 2016
    Mentor: PD Dr. Daniel Bemmerer

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