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The neutron transmission of natFe, 197Au and natW
Beyer, R.ORC; Junghans, A. R.; Schillebeeckx, P.; Sirakov, I.; Song, T.-Y.; Bemmerer, D.; Capote, R.; Ferrari, A.; Hartmann, A.; Hannaske, R.; Heyse, J.; Kim, H. I.; Kim, J. W.; Kögler, T.; Lee, C. W.; Lee, Y.-O.; Massarczyk, R.; Müller, S. E.; Reinhardt, T. P.; Röder, M.; Schmidt, K.; Schwengner, R.; Szücs, T.; Takacs, M. P.; Wagner, A.; Wagner, L.; Yang, S.-C.
Neutron total cross sections of natFe, 197Au and natW have been measured at the nELBE neutron time-of-flight facility in the energy range from 0.2 - 8 MeV with an uncertainty due to counting statistics of up to 2 % and a total uncertainty due to systematic effects of 1 %. The neutrons are produced with the superconducting electron accelerator ELBE using a liquid lead circuit as photo-neutron target. By periodical sample-in-sample-out measurements the transmission of the sample materials has been determined using a low-threshold plastic scintillation detector. The resulting effective total cross sections show good agreement with previously measured data that cover only part of the energy range available at nELBE. The results have also been compared to evaluated library files and recent calculations based on a dispersive coupled channel optical model potential.
Keywords: nELBE, fast neutrons, total cross section, transmission, iron, gold, tungsten


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