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RF Performance and Beam Parameter Measurement of the 2nd 3.5 cell SRF Gun for ELBE
Arnold, A.; Freitag, M.; Lu, P.; Murcek, P.; Teichert, J.; Vennekate, H.; Xiang, R.; Kneisel, P.; Ciovati, G.; Turlington, L.;
In May 2014 the 1st superconducting photo injector (SRF gun) at HZDR was replaced by a new gun, featuring a new resonator and cryostat. The intention for this upgrade was to reach higher beam energy, higher bunch charge and lower emittance at the same time in order to serve user experiments at the superconducting CW accelerator ELBE. In our contribution we will report on the commissioning of the SRF gun by presenting a full set of RF performance results as well as detailed beam parameter measurements up to a bunch charge of 300 pC. Additionally, we will present the results of the first two user experiments (neutron and THz generation) that demonstrated the reliability of this gun concept.
Keywords: SRF gun, electron source, superconducting accelerator, ELBE, beam parameter
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    ERL 17 The 59th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs, 18.-23.06.2017, Geneva, Switzerland

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