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Using the Mineral Liberation Analyzer for mineralogical studies of a carbonaceous apatite ore
Hoang, D. H.ORC; Leißner, T.ORC; Haser, S.; Rudolph, M.ORC; Peuker, U. A.ORC
Liberation analysis on grinding products is a very important subject for application in respect of both mineralogical characteristics and beneficiation process relevant parameters. The Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA) combines a large specimen chamber automated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), multiple Energy Dispersive X-ray detectors (EDX) with automated quantitative mineralogy software. SEM-based automated mineralogy tools are essential in measuring parameters, such as modal mineralogy, mineral locking, mineral association, theoretical grade - recovery and mineral liberation.
Such quantitative information is fundamental to investigate and evaluate the mineral processing of ores. In this study carbonaceous apatite ore samples from Lao Cai deposit (Vietnam) was used. The petrographic, mineralogical and mineral liberation observations showed that the ore sample is quite
complex, containing carbonate impurities (dolomite and calcite) and having very fine intergrown texture. The separation of carbonate from apatite has been recognized as one of the most difficult subjects in mineral processing due to the similarities in their physiochemical properties.
Keywords: Mineral Liberation Analyzer; automated mineralogy; carbonaceous apatite; flotation.
  • Contribution to proceedings
    International Conferences on Earth Sciences and Sustainable Geo-Resources Development, 12.-15.11.2016, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Proceedings of the ESASGD 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam: Transport Publishing House, 978-604-76-1171-3, 42-51

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