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On the synchronizability of Tayler–Spruit and Babcock–Leighton type dynamos
Stefani, F.; Giesecke, A.; Weber, N.; Weier, T.;
The solar cycle appears to be remarkably synchronized with the gravitational torques exerted by the tidally dominant planets Venus, Earth and Jupiter. Recently, a possible synchronization mechanism was proposed that relies on the intrinsic helicity oscillation of the current-driven Tayler instability which can be stoked by tidal-like perturbations with a period of 11.07 years. Inserted into a simple alpha-Omega dynamo model these resonantly excited helicity oscillations led to a 22.14 years dynamo cycle. Here, we assess various alternative mechanisms of synchronization. Specifically we study a simple time-delay model of Babcock–Leighton type dynamos and ask whether periodic changes of either the minimal amplitude for rising toroidal flux tubes or the Omega effect could eventually lead to synchronization. In contrast to the easy and robust synchronizability of Tayler–Spruit dynamo models, our answer for those Babcock–Leighton type models is less propitious.


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