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A superconducting RF gun: Current status of the Drossel cooperation
Janssen, D.; Buettig, H.; Bushuev, A.; Karliner, M.; Konstantinov, S.; Kruchkov, J.; Myskin, O.; Petrov, V.; Sedlyarov, I.; Tribendis, A.; Volkov, V.; vom Stein, P.; Vogel, H. P.; Matheisen, A.; Pekeler, M.; Sandner, W.; Will, I.;
The Drossel collaboration was established for the development of a low emittance high average current injector for the ELBE project. The injector is based on a photocathode RF gun with a superconducting cavity. The high average current is especially important for applied research and other applications. First tests of the gun cavity has been done at DESY TTF.
Keywords: Drossel cooperation, superconducting RF gun, DESY TTF, applied research, photocathode, high average current
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    European Conference on Application of Accelerators in Research and Technology, Dresden, July 1999; P1 - 159

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