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Functional thiols as repair and doping agents of defective MoS2 monolayers
Förster, A.; Gemming, S.; Seifert, G.;
Recent experimental and theoretical studies indicate that thiols (R-SH) can be used to repair sulfur vacancy defects in MoS2 monolayers (MLs). This density functional theory (DFT) study investigates how the thiol repair mechanism process can be used to dope MoS2 MLs. Fluorinated thiols as well as amine-containing ones are used to p- and n-dope the MoS2 ML, respectively. It is shown that functional groups are only physisorbed on the repaired MoSS2 surface. This explains the reversible doping with fluorinated thiols.
Keywords: 2D materials, desnsity functional theory, DFT, defects, thiols, repair, doping, tuning


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