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Origin and Manipulation of Stable Vortex Ground States in Permalloy Nanotubes
Zimmermann, M.; Gerhard-Meier, T. N.; Dirnberger, F.; Kákay, A.; Decker, M.; Wintz, S.; Finizio, S.; Josten, E.; Raabe, J.; Kronseder, M.; Bougeard, D.; Lindner, J.; Back, C. H.;
We present a detailed study on the static magnetic properties of individual permalloy nanotubes (NTs) with hexagonal cross-sections. Anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) measurements and scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) are used to investigate their magnetic ground states and its stability. We find that the magnetization in zero applied magnetic field is in a very stable vortex state. Its origin is attributed to a strong growth-induced anisotropy with easy axis perpendicular to the long axis of the tubes. AMR measurements of individual NTs in combination with micromagnetic simulations allow the determination of the magnitude of the growth-induced anisotropy for different types of NT coatings. We show that the strength of the anisotropy can be controlled by introducing a buffer layer underneath the magnetic layer. The magnetic ground states depend on the external magnetic field history and are directly imaged using STXM. Stable vortex domains can be introduced by external magnetic fields and can be erased by radio-frequency magnetic fields applied at the center of the tubes via a strip line antenna.
Keywords: Nanotube, anisotropic magnetoresistance, permalloy, vortex, ground state


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