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The {Np38} clusters: The missing link in the largest poly-oxo cluster series of tetravalent actinides
Martin, N. P.ORC; Volkringer, C.ORC; Roussel, P.; März, J.; Hennig, C.ORC; Loiseau, T.ORC; Ikeda-Ohno, A.ORC
Two poly-oxo cluster complexes of tetravalent neptunium (Np(IV)), Np38O56Cl18(bz)24(THF)8·nTHF and Np38O56Cl42(ipa)20·mipa (bz = benzoate, THF = tetrahydrofuran, and ipa = isopropanol) were obtained via solvothermal synthesis and structurally characterised by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The {Np38} clusters are comparable to the analogous {U38} and {Pu38} motifs, filling the gap in this largest poly-oxo cluster series of tetravalent actinides.
Keywords: actinides, neptunium, clusters, polymers, structure, X-ray diffraction, hydrolysis, solid state, coordination

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