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Tests of MACACO Compton telescope with 4.44MeV gamma rays
Muñoz, E.; Barrio, J.; Bemmerer, D.; Etxebeste, A.; Fiedler, F.; Hueso-González, F.; Lacasta, C.; Oliver, J. F.; Römer, K.; Solaz, C.; Wagner, L.; Llosá, G.;
Hadron therapy offers the possibility of delivering a large amount of radiation dose to tumors with minimal absorption by the surrounding healthy tissue. In order to fully exploit the advantages of this technique, the use of real-time beam monitoring devices becomes mandatory.
Compton imaging devices can be employed to map the distribution of prompt gamma emission during the treatment and thus assess its correct delivery. The Compton telescope prototype developed at IFIC-Valencia for this purpose is made of three layers of LaBr3 crystals coupled to silicon photomultipliers. The system has been tested in a 4.44 MeV gamma field at the 3 MV Tandetron accelerator at HZDR, Dresden. Images of the target with the system in three different positions separated by 10 mm were successfully reconstructed. This indicates the ability of MACACO for imaging the prompt gamma rays emitted at such energies.
Keywords: Compton imaging; Instrumentation for hadron therapy; Gamma detectors (scintillators, CZT, HPG, HgI etc); Photon detectors for UV, visible and IR photons (solid-state) (PIN diodes, APDs, Si-PMTs, G-APDs, CCDs, EBCCDs, EMCCDs


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