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Design Of A Stripline Kicker For The Elbe Accelerator
Schneider, C.; Arnold, A.; Hauser, J.; Michel, P.; Staats, G.;
ELBE is a linac based cw electron accelerator serving different secondary beams one at a time. Depending on the user demand the bunch repetition rate may vary from single pulse up to 13 MHz. For the future different end stations should be served simultaneously, hence specific bunch patterns have to be kicked into different beam-lines. To use e.g. one bunch out of the bunch train very short kicking durations have to be realized. The variabil-ity of the bunch pattern and the frequency resp. switching time are one of the main arguments for a stripline-kicker combined with high voltage (HV)-switches as basic con-cept. A nearly homogenous field in the kicker has to be realized for uniform deflection of the electron bunch and keep the emittance growth of the bunch as low as possi-ble. Furthermore the fast switching ability of the kicker demands for a fast decay of the HV-pulse resp. its reflec-tions in the structure implying a specific design of the kicker elements. For this reason a design with two tapered active electrodes and two ground fenders was optimized in time and frequency domain with the software package CST. Additionally a first prototype was manufactured for laboratory and first beam-line tests.
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    IPAC2017 - 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, 14.-19.05.2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

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