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Neutralization Dynamics of Slow Highly Charged Ions in 2D Materials
Wilhelm, R.ORC; Gruber, E.ORC; Schwestka, J.; Heller, R.; Facsko, S.; Aumayr, F.ORC
We review experimental and theoretical work on the interaction of slow highly charged ions with two-dimensional materials. Earlier work in the field is summarized and more recent studies on 1 nm thick amorphous carbon nanomembranes and freestanding single layer graphene by the authors are reviewed. To explain the findings, models for energy loss determination as well as qualitative model descriptions for the observed ultrafast neutralization dynamics are discussed. The results shown in this paper will be put into context with findings of nanostructure formation on two-dimensional materials, both freestanding and on substrate, as well as on surfaces of bulk insulators.
Keywords: low energy ions; highly charged ions; 2D materials

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