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Do rotating magnetic fields unconditionally lead to grain refinement? – A case study for directionally solidified Al-10wt%Cu alloys
Zimmermann, G.; Pickmann, C.; Schaberger-Zimmermann, E.; Galindo, V.; Eckert, K.; Eckert, S.;
The effect of solidification velocity and electromagnetic stirring on grain refining was investigated experimentally during the directional solidification of rod-like Al-10wt%Cu alloy samples. Applying low solidification velocities leads to a dendritic microstructure consisting of elongated equiaxed crystals, which result from fragmented dendrite arms forming new grains. This grain-refining effect vanishes for higher solidification velocities, leading to a microstructure dominated by a lower number of larger columnar grains. Moderate electromagnetic stirring under laminar flow conditions does not promote grain refinement. By contrast, a sufficiently strong forced melt flow induced by a rotating magnetic field significantly increases the number of grains in the range of solidification velocities investigated within this study. It is assumed that a turbulent melt flow supports the fragmentation of dendrite arms and thus the formation of new grains, which finally leads to grain refinement.
Keywords: Aluminium-copper alloy; solidification; grain refinement, melt flow


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