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Cross section and neutron angular distribution measurements of neutron scattering on natural iron

Pirovano, E.; Beyer, R.; Dietz, M.; Junghans, A. R.; Müller, S. E.; Nolte, R.; Nyman, M.; Plompen, A. J. M.; Röder, M.; Szücs, T.; Takacs, M. P.

New measurements of the neutron scattering double differential cross section of iron were carried out at the neutron time-of-flight facilities GELINA and nELBE. A neutron spectrometer consisting of an array of up to 32 liquid organic scintillators was employed, which was designed to measure the scattering differential cross section at eight scattering angles and to simultaneously determine the integral cross section via numerical quadrature. The separation of elastic from inelastic scattering was achieved by analysing the time-of-flight dependent light-output distributions to determine the scattered neutron energy. The method was validated by studying elastic scattering on carbon and it was proved to work well for the determination of the elastic cross section. Here, the possibility to extend it to inelastic scattering was investigated too. For these experiments a sample of natural iron was used and the results cover the incident neutron energy range from 2 to 6~MeV. Both the differential and the integral elastic cross sections were produced for Fe, while for inelastic scattering, partial angular distributions for scattering from the first excited level of Fe could be determined.

Keywords: GELINA; nELBE; fast neutron scattering; cross section; angular distribution; iron

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