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Lithium Ion Beams from Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources
Pilz, W.; Mazarov, P.; Klingner, N.; Bauerdick, S.; Bischoff, L.;
In recent years Focused Ion Beam (FIB) processing has been developed into a well-established and promising technique in nearly all fields of nanotechnology for patterning and prototyping on the µm-scale and below. Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources (LMAIS) represent a promising alternative to expand the FIB application fields beside all other source concepts. The need of light elements like Li was investigated using various alloys. A promising candidate is a Ga35Bi60Li5 based LMAIS which is introduced in more detail and operates stable for more than 1000 µAh. It enables high resolution imaging and patterning using Li and sample modification using Ga or heavy polyatomic Bi clusters, all coming from one ion source.
Keywords: Focused Ion Beam, Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source, Li ions
  • Open Access LogoJournal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 37(2019)2, 021802-1-021802-4
    DOI: 10.1116/1.5086271


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