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Structural and electrical properties of Se-hyperdoped Si via ion implantation and flash lamp annealing
Liu, F.; Prucnal, S.; Yuan, Y.; Heller, R.; Berencén, Y.; Böttger, R.; Rebohle, L.; Skorupa, W.; Helm, M.; Zhou, S.;
We report on the hyperdoping of silicon with selenium obtained by ion implantation followed by flash lamp annealing. It is shown that the degree of crystalline lattice recovery of the implanted layers and the Se substitutional fraction depend on the pulse duration and energy density of the flash. While the annealing at low energy densities leads to an incomplete recrystallization, annealing at high energy densities results in a decrease of the substitutional fraction of impurities. The electrical properties of the implanted layers are well-correlated with the structural properties resulting from different annealing processing.
Keywords: Silicon, hyperdoping, Se, flash lamp annealing, ion implantation

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