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Simultaneous 8.2 keV phase-contrastimaging and 24.6 keV X-ray diffraction fromshock-compressed matter at the LCLS
Seiboth, F.; Fletcher, L. B.; Mcgonegle, D.; Anzellini, S.; Dresselhaus-Cooper, L. E.; Frost, M.; Galtier, E.; Goede, S.; Harmand, M.; Lee, H. J.; Levitan, A. L.; Miyanishi, K.; Nagler, B.; Nam, I.; Ozaki, N.; Rödel, M.; Schropp, A.; Spindloe, C.; Sun, P.; Wark, J. S.; Hastings, J.; Glenzer, S. H.; Mcbride, E. E.;
In this work, we demonstrate simultaneous phase-contrast imaging (PCI) and X-ray diffractionfrom shock compressed matter at the Matter in Extreme Conditions endstation, at the LinacCoherent Light Source (LCLS). We utilize the chromaticity from compound refractive X-ray lensesto focus the 24.6 keV 3rd order undulator harmonic of the LCLS to a spot size of 5lm on target toperform X-ray diffraction. Simultaneous PCI from the 8.2 keV fundamental X-ray beam is used tovisualize and measure the transient properties of the shock wave over a 500lm field of view.Furthermore, we demonstrate the ability to extend the reciprocal space measurements by 5 Angstroem, rel-ative to the fundamental X-ray energy, by utilizing X-ray diffraction from the 3rd harmonic of theLCLS.
Keywords: Phase Contrast Imaging, PCI, Matter in Extreme Conditions, MEC, LCLS, shock compression, x-ray diffraction, XFEL, germanium, shock, release


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