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REMOO-2019 Blind Test Calculation Workshop (BTW)
Höhne, T.;
A blind test benchmark of transient 2-phase flow simulation codes will be organized.
The purpose is to give participants an opportunity to test their code capability to predict onset of dryout, post-dryout heat transfer phenomena as well as subsequent rewetting in a boiling water rod bundle geometry under realistic operational conditions. Experimental data that will be used in the blind test have been obtained in a 4 by 4 rod bundle and include pressure drops along the bundle divided into six sub-sections, rod clad temperatures at fourteen elevations and coolant temperatures at six elevations.
For analyzed experimental case, steady-state initial and boundary conditions as well as transient forcing functions have been recorded together with above-mentioned parameters.
Keywords: CFD, Subchannel codes, dryout, post dryout, rod bundle
  • Lecture (Conference)
    The 9th International Conference & Workshop REMOO–2019, 16.-18.04.2019, Hong Kong, China

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