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Mass transfer and electrolyte flow during electrodeposition on a conically shaped electrode under the influence of a magnetic field
Huang, M.; Marinaro, G.; Yang, X.; Fritzsche, B.; Lei, Z.; Uhlemann, M.; Eckert, K.; Mutschke, G.;
The electrodeposition of copper on a conically shaped diamagnetic electrode was studied under the influence of a vertical magnetic field. Numerical simulations combined with measurements of the velocity and the concentration field were conducted to provide understanding of the influence of the Lorentz force on the deposition process. The secondary flow caused by the magnetic field is directed downward along the cone surface and thus supporting conical growth. Since the cathode is placed at the bottom of the electrochemical cell, natural convection is counteracting the influence of the Lorentz force. However, the different time scales of both forces involved allow to utilize the beneficial influence of the Lorentz force, e.g. in pulsed deposition regimes.
Keywords: copper electrodeposition, magnetic field, surface-structured electrode, Mach-Zehnder interferometry, shadowgraphy, numerical simulation


  • Secondary publication expected from 01.06.2020

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