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Preliminary Report on the Study of Beam-induced Background Effects at a Muon Collider
Bartosik, N.; Bertolin, A.; Casarsa, M.; Collamati, F.; Ferrari, A.; Ferrari, A.ORC; Gianelle, A.; Lucchesi, D.; Mokhov, N.; Mueller, S.ORC; Pastrone, N.; Sala, P.; Sestini, L.; Striganov, S.
Physics at a multi-TeV muon collider needs a change of perspective for the detector design due to the large amount of background induced by muon beam decays. Preliminary studies, based on simulated data, on the composition and the characteristics of the particles originated from the muon decays and reaching the detectors are presented here. The reconstruction performance of the physics processes H→bb¯ and Z→bb¯ has been investigated for the time being without the effect of the machine induced background. A preliminary study of the environment hazard due to the radiation induced by neutrino interactions with the matter is presented using the FLUKA simulation program.
Keywords: Detectors in high-intensity environments, future accelerators, muon beams, neutrino-induced radiation
  • Open Access LogoarXiv:1905.03725 (2019)


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