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Opportunities for measurements of astrophysical‐relevant alpha‐capture reaction rates at CRYRING@ESR
Forstner, O.; Bemmerer, D.; Cowan, T.; Dressler, R.; Junghans, A.ORC; Schumann, D.; Stöhlker, T.; Szücs, T.; Wagner, A.ORC; Zuber, K.
The heavy‐ion storage ring CRYRING@ESR has recently been installed and commissioned at GSI as one of the first installations of the upcoming Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR). It is designed to store highly charged ions in the energy range between 300 keV/u and about 10 MeV/u. It will incorporate a gas‐jet target providing high‐density jets of, among other gases, hydrogen and helium. This will allow to study alpha‐capture reaction rates of astrophysical interest in the energy range of the Gamow window for core‐collapse supernovae. Special interest comes from the long‐lived radio‐isotope 44Ti (t1/2 = 58.9 years), which is supposed to be produced in the alpha‐rich freeze‐out during such an event. The nucleosynthesis of this isotope is of great interest, as the amount of material produced can be estimated by direct observation in remnants of recent supernovae. The disagreements between the observations and the estimations from astrophysical models show the need of more experimental data for the production and consumption reactions in the energy range of a core‐collapse supernova. In this article, we will describe the proposed method of injecting beams of 44Ti into CRYRING@ESR and performing the actual reaction rate measurements.
Keywords: 44Ti core-collapse supernova alpha-capture

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