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Ultrafast neutralization dynamics of highly charged ions upon impact on 2D materials
Wilhelm, R. A.ORC
Heavy ions in high charge states carry a large amount of potential energy in addition to their kinetic energy. The potential energy can amount to several 10keV and is released upon neutralization [1]. We recently showed that neu- tralization of slow highly charged Ar and Xe ions proceeds on a sub-10fs time scale, i.e. during transmission through the very first monolayers of a solid [2]. This feat makes highly charged ions an intriguing tool for efficient modification of 2D materials preventing significant damage to a substrate at the same time. Here we present data on the neutralization dynamics of slow highly charged ions in freestanding single layer graphene and freestanding single layer MoS2. Special emphasise is put on charge exchange of the ions, their kinetic energy loss, and the emission of secondary electrons/photons from the interaction pro- cess.
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Towards Reality in Nanoscale Materials X, 12.-14.02.2019, Levi, Finnland

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