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Microstructural Characterization of a VVER-440 type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel by Electron Microscopy
Chekhonin, P.; Röder, F.; Müller, G.; Roßner, M.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.;
A microstructural investigation of a VVER400-type reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steel in the initial state (unirradiated) is presented. Key points include a detailed characterization by electron backscatter diffraction and an analysis of precipitates and inclusions performed by transmission as well as scanning electron microscopy.
Keywords: Microstructure, Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels, Electron Microscopy
  • Lecture (Conference)
    IGRDM-21 - 21st meeting of International Group on Radiation Damage Mechanism, 19.-24.05.2019, Gifu, Japan

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