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Control and stimulation of three-magnon scattering in a magnetic vortex
Körber, L.ORC; Schultheiß, K.ORC; Hula, T.; Verba, R.ORC; Hache, T.ORC; Schultheiß, H.ORC
When applying a large enough RF field amplitude, spin waves in a magnetic vortex disk can decay into two other spin waves via three-magnon scattering. In order to reach the threshold of this process, the energy flux from the decay of the directly excited mode must overcome the internal losses of the secondary modes. The resulting scattering processes obey certain selection rules which result in the two output frequencies to be distinct from one another. Moreover, three-magnon scattering of the directly excited mode into multiple pairs of secondary modes is possible. However, typically one of these scattering channels has a lower threshold than the others which leads to this channel being activated first and limiting the energy flux in the other possible “silent” channels. Here, we show that three-magnon scattering in such a system can be stimulated below the usual instability threshold by additionaly pumping one of the secondary modes. This is achieved by coupling the magnetic vortex to an adjacent magnonic wave guide. The response to the stimulation is instantaneous and can be used to activate the silent three-magnon channels, as well.
Keywords: nonlinear, magnon, vortex, magnetism, magnonics
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Magnonics 2019, 28.07.-01.08.2019, Carovigno, Italien

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