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Effect of nozzle geometry on pressure drop in submerged gas injection
Xiao, J.; Yan, H.-J.; Schubert, M.; Unger, S.; Liu, L.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.ORC
Submerged gas injection into liquid leads to complex multiphase flow, in which nozzle geometries are crucial important for the operational expenditure in terms of pressure drop. The influence of the nozzle geometry on pressure drop between nozzle inlet and outlet has been experimentally studied for different gas flow rates and bath depths.
Nozzles with circular, gear-like and four-leaf cross-sectional shape have been studied. The results indicate that, besides the hydraulic diameter of the outlet, the orifice area and the perimeter of the nozzle tip also play significant roles. For the same superficial gas velocity, the average pressure drop from the four-leaf-shaped geometry is the least. The influence of bath depth was found negligible. A correlation for the modified Euler number considering the pressure drop is proposed depending on nozzle geometric parameter AoL o −2 and on the modified Froude number gd o 5 Q−2 with the hydraulic diameter of the nozzle do as characteristic length.
Keywords: submerged gas injection; nozzle geometry; hydraulic diameter; pressure drop; modified Euler number

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